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Our Services

Our Services:

Whether you are a Government, Council, business, or property owner we welcome the opportunity to talk about your project with you. Integrated Coasts can manage your project from start to finish, or you may engage us at the stages you require.

Here is a list of our services:

  • Project scoping and set-up
  • Digital Elevation Models and flood mapping
  • Coastal Adaptation Studies
  • Preliminary design and costing
  • Community engagement
  • Emergency management planning
  • Policy development and amendments to statutory plans
  • Flood Mapping
Mark Western

Project scoping and project set-up

The problem with many coastal projects is that you don’t know where to start because you don’t really know what you need. We suggest you start simply and conduct a preliminary scoping study. Integrated Coasts provides a low-cost option for you to scope out the details of your project. We use first pass and second pass risk assessment approach using procedures set out in CoastAdapt. The process would normally be completed in one or two days. After completion of the project scoping. We would undertake appropriate levels of reporting got your organisation so that you have firm basis to move on to the next step.

Coastal Adaptation Study

A Coastal adaptation study is a more extended project, usually undertaken for a Local Council, that brings together all the data (both historical and current). If the project is an inundation study, flood modelling can also be produced that demonstrates the likely problems to be encountered with projects rising sea levels. If the problem is ‘erosion’ we can undertake a number of investigations to establish the likely extent of the problem. In a coastal adaptation study, we specifically consider two types of risk – risk to assets and risks to people (ie safety). From the very start of the project we invite the community to assist us to from an accurate flood or erosion picture, because of the locals know more than anyone what are the current issues affecting the coastline. At the conclusion of the project we propose adaptation options, suggested timelines for implementation, and where this is in the proposed scope of works, the preliminary design and costing of any protection proposals.

Community Consultation

Integrated Coasts believes that communication with the community is a two-way street and the best place to start is with “listening” to the community, and then sharing what we know and learn as well. Community consultation is not just confined to a meeting in a  hall, and we think the best place to begin community consultation is at the beach or in the street. We have conducted many community consultation projects, usually in more rural places, as these places come with specific issues not seen in metropolitan areas. Mark Western is an accomplished communicator and has had experience in dealing with rural, Indigenous and metropolitan communities.

Emergency Management Planning.

Where communities can’t provide themselves with adequate flood protection, and are likely to be vulnerable to episodes of flooding then emergency procedures should be implemented. The process of formulation a flood plan is similar to the process used for those who live in bushfire zones. Residents are required to have a plan which prepares for an event, that details what the resident will do in an event, including where to take refuge. The positive thing about coastal flooding is that usually there are early warnings about possible flooding (as sea-floods usually relate to movements of tide). Research has shown that a community that is well-prepared will suffer much l ess damage to property, and moving vulnerable people away from the impact zone prior to the flood arriving will ensure that people stay healthy and happy.

Policy development and changes to statuary plans

With a solid background in urban planning, Integrated Coasts is able to conduct a review of your current coastal policy environment and make recommendations for change if required. Sea-flood risk levels are usually set by a state Government body, but these also may need reviewing from time to time. Changes to Statuary plans can be a difficult process when considering the ramifications of the uncertainty of sea level rise over long time spans. Integrated Coasts is underpinned by a strong research base and has previously given advice to Coastal Protection Branch (SA) and Local Government Associations and is well-equipped to assist you with changes to statuary plans, either as the lead consultant, or working alongside others to offer technical advice.

What’s New

Integrated Coasts is currently undergoing accreditation process to become Civil Aviation Safety Authority approved to operate as a business using drone technology and very soon Mark Western will have a license to operate a drone fro the collection of coastal data. Watch this space for further updates! Intended purchase in the near future is the DJI Spreading Wings Drone.